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Our control panel lets you control how you want to run your cdn connections.

Various implementations are available:

Hostname director.

This is the simplest way to add cdn support on your website. Simply setup a CNAME dns record on your own domain that points to our cdn. Any requests recieved by our service translate the address back to your server and cache the file. Optionally you can rewrite your htaccess file to look for a specific header sent from our nodes - so noone else can get the files on your local server. Hotlink protection and bandwidth throttling are not available in this mode.

.htaccess director.

Place a .htaccess file in your content directorie(s) designed to rewrite requests to avanticdn. This can provide a global throttling rate and can set expiration dates.

Encrypted director.

Use this method to utilise all the features of avanticdn. Encrypt your urls with the keys provided and you can set file-specific custom throttling rates and expiry times

Examples of all these implementations are available

Other control panel features


A sophisticated graphing utility allows you to check exactly what users are using the service for. Bandwidth - check what bandwidth is being used at each node location. Requests - see the quantity of requests coming from your website, and track the http status codes returned.


Download your daily usage in traditional http log files. This allows you to run the files through your favorite analysis software.

For more information please talk to one of our advisors on 0161 615 4350 or our contact page

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