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Manchester UK Network


The availability of highly reliable and high capacity network services is essential in order to make the most of any premium content delivery platform.

Our network division, GlobalAXS Communications, has a very extensive network presence within Europe and provides a full range of connectivity services.

Peering Location Edge Node Location
Planned Node Location Peering Location
Future Node Location Future Node Location


LINX, AMSIX and DECIX Connectivity

LINX (the London Internet Exchange) is the most important Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the UK, and arguably the most important in Europe. GlobalAXS is an approved 'LINX From Anywhere (LFA)' carrier, and is therefore one of only a handful of UK operators permitted to provide backhaul connectivity to LINX from out of London.

European Network

We operate major European POP sites in Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Belgium, Paris and Prague. All POP sites generally consist of at least one Cisco 7600 router are interconnected by our diversely routed 10G wavelength ring. There are at least two 10Gigabit backhaul connections at each site.

UK National Network

Between the main connectivity hubs in Manchester (ie Telecity Kilburn and Williams) and London (ie Telehouse East and North) we operate multiple 10Gigabit wavelength circuits on two separately routed national paths - one route via Leeds and one via Birmingham. These circuits terminate into different buildings within each city and share no common infrastructure end-to-end whatsoever.

Manchester Network

We operate a very extensive high-capacity network within Manchester. Our datacentre benefits from two diversely routed deep-buried fibre ducts, with entry points at two different parts of the building. There is a fully diversely routed dark-fibre ring in operation which connects us to IFL2, Telecity Williams House and Telecity Kilburn House, with active network equipment at each of these sites. This ring is currently operating at 20Gbps and additional capacity can be made available very quickly and easily. This massive capacity allows us to offer extremely cost-effective solutions.

For more information please talk to one of our advisors on 0161 615 4350 or our contact page