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CDN Packages

We appreciate cdn requirements are rarely the same, and have therefore developed a simple and flexible approach to pricing our services. Just contact us to discuss what you need and we will be more than happy to help choose package for you. The three most significant criteria when pricing packages are usually: number of requests per second, size of files and overall bandwidth usage.

Please see the table below for some example packages. Remember - we will always be able to customise any package to suit your precise requirements, so don't hesitate to get in touch

CDN Packages Comparison Table
  PAYG Dedicated BW Unique CDN
Control Panel Access Yes Yes Yes
Redirection modes all all all
Bandwidth Priced per TB Priced per MB/sec Priced per MB/sec
Unused BW carry-over yes no no
Overages no possible possible
API Access no yes yes
Node distribution worldwide worldwide customisable
Support included (monthly) * 30 minutes 60 minutes customisable
More Information More Info More Info More Info

A number of additional services are available - contact us for details:

  • Dedicated storage
  • Website integration
  • Custom operation modes

* - non-fault support included FOC

For more information please talk to one of our advisors on 0161 615 4350 or our contact page